Stop the menace of FIBROID /OVARIAN CYST the TRADITIONAL WAY, before it stops you. No one can beat our records, with our herbal formula & combination gotten from Peru & India. This 100% herbal bomb is 100% super effective in shrinking and melting all stages or numbers of fibroids & cysts permanently without surgical precision yet no side effects has been recorded. If you experience heavy flows or your periods becomes more painful or extended, pains in your pelvis/lower abdomen or your menstruation has stopped, then it’s most likely to be Fibroid or Cyst. These growths are associated with infertility, pregnancy complications, recurrent miscarriages, menstrual Issues etc.

Get rid of that Fibroid/Ovarian Cyst before it kills you. surgery can only give a temporal solution if you survive it, and if you don’t do any thing to destroy the cells producing this monsters, they will grow again shortly & more severe, but that will not happen if you take precautions Now!

Price for 4 bottles which is the complete treatment N18,000

Call or Whatsapp – 08120325413 for nationwide delivery

Lagos and Abuja payment on delivery

Other states part payment to show commitment before delivery.A little delivery charge applies