Stc30 is the first ingredient to be developed based on plant stem cells, produced by Mibelle Biochemistry in Zurich, Switzerland

Stc30 is very effective in the management/treatment of stroke, fibriod, Hypertension, renal failure, diabetes, crisis associated with sickle cell, ovarian cyst, hemorrhoids, Eye and joint health etc Tested and proven with a lot of positive testimonies from satisfied users

Has six(6) international certifications including GMP

Mechanism of action. Its cell targeted, works from the cellular level.

Key ingredientsApple stem cells derived from a RARE swiss apple uttwiler spatlauber, Grape stem cell derived from a rare grape cultivar, Bilberry Extract, Black currant Extract, GliSODin CANTALOUPE, GliSODin GLIADIN.

*Stem cells have the ability to do the following*Stem cell works in 5 main ways:

1. *Rejuvenating* aged cells 2. *Replicating* good cells. 2. *Restoring* sick cells 3. *Replacing* dead cells4. *Repairing* damaged cellsBringing the body to normal functionality.

Price – N30,000 for a pack15 sachet in a pack

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